• Spectrum Filaments PLA Pastello 1,75 mm 1kg Apricot Orange

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Średnica filamentu 1.75
Waga filamentu 1000
Colour orange
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Spectrum filaments is a Polish brand that produces filament for 3D printers. The offer includes PLA, ABS materials - in two diameters, PETG or special filaments such as Carbon or glow-in-the-dark filaments. Spectrum filament will allow you to bring all your projects into the real world in high quality. With a wide range of colors, everyone should find something suitable for themselves.




Filament Spectrum Pastello PLA

The new series of Pastello PLA filaments is the essence of beauty and delicacy in the world of 3D printing. These unique filaments delight with their pastel color palette and attract the attention of every creative 3D printing enthusiast. The matte print surface gives the designs a subtle, elegant look. In the Pastello PLA palette you will find delicate pink, mint, blue, purple and other shades that will allow you to express your creativity in the most beautiful way possible. Each shade of this series has been carefully selected to make the designs even more unique.

However, the Pastello PLA series is not only a selection of a variety of pastel colors. These filaments have been carefully wound on eco-friendly cardboard spools, which not only makes them more environmentally friendly, but also reduces the carbon footprint. In addition, Pastello PLA contains recycled material, making your designs a real contribution to the protection of our planet.

Print models, jewelry, home décor and much more. Pastello PLA - it's not just filaments, it's an artistic color palette on your desk.

Key features:

- A rich palette of pastel shades
- Exceptional matte print finish
- Eco-friendly cardboard spools
- Recycled plastic content
- Easy to print
- Versatile use
- Heat distortion temperature - 60°C


- educational projects
- visualization of finished products and semi-finished products
- industrial design,
- Interior design
- Conceptual models

The filament is wound on an eco-friendly cardboard spool. On the spool there is information about the type of material, diameter, color and recommended printing temperature. Each spool vacuum-packed with desiccant. All in original Spectrum Filaments cardboard.


Product Specifications


Material: PLA Pastello

Colour: Apricot Orange

Diameter: 1.75 mm. 

Dimensional tolerance: +/-0.03mm. 

Net weight: 1 kg 

Reel dimension: diam. ext. 20 cm, dia. Internal. 5.2 cm, width 7.0 cm. 

Print temperature: 185°C - 215°C

Bed temperature: 0°C - 60°C 


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