• Spectrum Filaments AquaPrint 1,75mm 0,5kg Natural

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Colour Natural (2)
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Spectrum filaments is a Polish brand that produces filament for 3D printers. The offer includes PLA, ABS materials - in two diameters, PETG or special filaments such as Carbon or glow-in-the-dark filaments. Spectrum filament will allow you to bring all your projects into the real world in high quality. With a wide range of colors, everyone should find something suitable for themselves.




Filament Spectrum AquaPrint

AquaPrint is a water-soluble support material designed for 3D printing of complex models. AquaPrint has almost four times the flow rate compared to PVA-based support filaments and has a halved dissolution time in water. The distinguishing feature of AquaPrint is its exceptional adhesion to various materials such as PLA, PETG, PA and TPU, providing twice the bonding strength compared to PVA.

AquaPrint is characterized by excellent cold water solubility and exceptional thermal stability. It can be printed at lower temperatures, making it an ideal support material and providing excellent adhesion.

AquaPrint is distinguished by its higher structural rigidity compared to other support filaments, especially PVA. This feature significantly improves the transfer of material from the extruder to the hot end, especially in Bowden systems. Solid structural integrity also allows for the creation of solid supports, resulting in a superior final surface finish on 3D printed components.

Users of dual-extruder 3D printers can seamlessly combine AquaPrint with a variety of materials with a simple print setup. Once the print is complete, the biodegradability of AquaPrint allows it to be disposed of responsibly in the kitchen sink or household drain (in accordance with local regulations).

The use of AquaPrint as a water-soluble support material makes it possible to 3D print complex structures, including those with moving parts, all in a single body and exceptional quality.

Key Features:

- Excellent cold water solubility
- Biodegradable when dissolved, allowing for responsible disposal
- High structural rigidity
- Flow rate 4x faster than PVA
- Exceptional thermal stability, minimizing the likelihood of crystallization in the printer nozzle
- Excellent adhesion to various materials (PLA, PETG, PA, TPU)

Application - Complex geometries requiring support material


Product Specifications


Material: PVA AquaPrint

Colour: Natural

Diameter: 1.75 mm. 

Dimensional tolerance: +/-0.03mm. 

Net weight: 0.5 kg 

Reel dimension: diam. ext. 20 cm, dia. Internal. 5.2 cm, width 5.5 cm. 

Print temperature: 190°C - 215°C

Bed temperature: 25°C - 70°C 


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