• Spectrum Filament PETG HT100 Obsidian Black 0,5 kg

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Spectrum PET-G HT100 is a copolyester-based filament designed for FFF/FDM 3D printing. The material is designed for advanced users of 3D printers, especially those who require excellent durability from prints, operation in real-world conditions PET-G HT100 does not contain styrene, is a material with a slightly palpable odor, having an approval to come into contact with food. Excellent dimensional stability allows 3D printing of objects with accurate dimensional preservation, which is especially important for multi-element designs. One of the biggest strengths of the PET-G HT100 is the increased temperature resistance of 100 degrees Celsius.

Color: Obsidian black

Weight: 0.5 kg net.

With pet-g ht100 filament, your 3D model will get:

  • higher temperature resistance than standard ABS printed components,
  • possibility of mechanical processing
  • Durability
  • mechanical strength

Advantages of Spectrum PET-G HT100:

  • high temperature resistance (100OC)
  • high dimensional stability
  • high aesthetics of printed objects
  • excellent durability and durability
  • chemical resistance
  • does not contain styrene

The spool is marked with a QR code. After scanning it, you can read the actual dimensions at a given point in the reel.


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