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SmartFit PLA WOOD material is a filament filled with about 40% fiber and wood powder. SmartFit PLA WOOD is a material that is very easy to print and does not require any special conditions. Finished prints can be subjected to post-processing: fine-grained sanding, varnishing or painting.


The main advantages:

·   Appearance, structure and smell resembles real wood!

·   Large filling with wood particles gives a spectacular effect on the printed detail.

· SmartFit PLA WOOD is very simple to print: it does not shrink and does not curl, offers excellent fiber flow, excellent first layer adhesion, excellent adhesion between layers, can be printed at high speeds.

Color: Wood

Weight: 0.2 kg


· Print temperature: 190-230oC

· Table heating: not required but recommended 45-60oC

· Print cooling: recommended 60-100%

· Print speed: 40-100mm/s

· Retraction: recommended ±5mm

· Nozzle size: recommended to use 0.5mm or larger

· Table surface preparation: paint tape, stick adhesive, glass/mirror, adhesive washer


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