• Print-me PLA LUCENT with shape memory 200 grams Red

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Lucent PLA is a transparent filament made of biodegradable polylacticide. Ideal for printing more rigid parts. However, compared to pure PLA, Lucent PLA-based filaments offer more flexibility and are less brittle. In addition, for printing with recommended optimal parameters, cracking between layers and distortion can therefore be avoided.


Filament plasticizes at very low temperatures (already about 40-50 degrees). The printed detail has layers very tightly bonded together. In addition, the filament is characterized by a tendency to spring under the influence of temperature- heating. What's more, it becomes malleable and deformable until it cools down. When reheated, it returns to its original shape.

Color: Rubin Red

Net weight: 200 grams

The main features of LUCENT PLA:

  • exhibits the characteristics of the material with shape memory,
  • slowly crystallizes
  • prints of this material are semi-transparent
  • is malleable at temperatures above 40 degrees
  • it is recommended to use additional cooling at the
  • no threading during printing at about 180 degrees
  • material is liquid over a wide temperature range and can be printed at high speeds
  • too much cooling causes clouding of the walls – crystallization
  • too little cooling deforms the print
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