• Filament Devil Designn 1,75 mm TPU Czarny

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Devil Design is a renowned Polish manufacturer of filaments for 3D printers. The manufacturer offers several materials in several colors. In total, it is several dozen products.



Color: Black

Material: TPU

Diameter: 1.75mm

Dimensional tolerance: +/-0.05mm

Roundness: +/-0.03mm

Manufacturer: Devil Design

Weight: 1kg net (+/- 50g)


The filament is wrapped on a transparent spool, vacuum packed with a moisture absorber. Packed in a distinctive white box with the Devil Design logo.


It is characterized by high mechanical strength for stretching, crushing and abrasion. It is resistant to oil environment. It is characterized by high layer weaveability.


Head temperature: 200-210 degrees

Table temperature: heated table is not required

Print speed: up to 20mm/s

It is recommended to use a filament cleaning sponge.

Filament should not be used in Bowden extruder printers. It is not recommended for novice users of 3D printers


Spool diameter: 200mm

Spool width: approx. 70mm

Mounting hole diameter: 52mm

  • wymagający materiał jednak wydruki działają doskonale technicznie , idealna alternatywa dla szeroko stosowanego w pojazdach TPE
    Krzysztof P. (2017-05-14)
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