• FiberFlex 40D Fiberlogy 1,75mm 850g Pink

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FiberFlex 40D flexible filament is a material that is distinguished by fast printing, high flexibility and 40D hardness on the Shore scale. Rubber-like material, can be extended by 680% from the original size. A characteristic feature of the material is the ability to repeatedly stress and bend and the ability to return to the state before deformation. This filament has a high impact strength, also at negative temperatures (up to - 40 ° C). It has high thermal resistance up to 70°C and chemical resistance. This material is distinguished by the ability to print at speeds up to 45 mm / s.

Example application:

- rubber machine parts: gaskets, elements requiring frequent bending

- gadgets or parts thereof: phone cases, watch straps, heart rate monitors, pedometers

- connecting elements: flexible hinges

- toys or parts thereof: tires, rubber figures

- jewelry: bands, bracelets




Product Specification:

Material: Fiberflex 40D

Net weight: 0.85 kg 

Printing temperature: 200°C-220°C

Table temperature:  50°C-70°C  

Diameter: 1.75 mm

Diameter tolerance:  +/- 0.02 mm 

Oval tolerance:  +0.01 mm 

Color: Pink


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