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Spectrum filaments is a Polish brand producing filament for 3D printers. The offer includes PLA, ABS materials - in two diameters, PETG or special filaments such as Carbon or glowing in the dark. Filament Spectrum will allow you to bring all your projects into the real world in high quality. Thanks to the wide range of colors, everyone should find something suitable for themselves.





Spectrum ecoPET 9021 filament

Sustainable, technical material

Spectrum ecoPET 9021 is another of the polyester, technical materials available in our offer. Unlike PET-G, which is more widely used in 3D printing, it is based on a non-glycol-modified variant of polyethylene terephthalate (PET). The lack of glycol translates into significantly higher stiffness and tensile strength of PET compared to PET-G.

As part of the movement aimed at maximizing the share of recycled raw materials in production, it was decided to introduce the ecoPET 9021 technical filament to the offer to use recyclate as a raw material source. In the case of classic recycling, consisting in the regranulation of flakes from cut bottles, it is extremely difficult to obtain the appropriate purity and homogeneity of the material. This is mainly due to the fact that packaging is produced by different manufacturers from different grades of PET. The mix of various materials usually translates into later problems in the printing process of the filament made of such regranulate.

To guarantee the quality and ease of printing, the filament made of recycled materials must be characterized by high purity and homogeneity, which is why a more advanced raw material was used, resulting from chemical depolymerization and repolymerization of waste. Thanks to this, the Spectrum ecoPET 9021 filament does not differ in terms of ease of printing from other materials made of virgin materials, while maintaining over 90% of recycled content in the composition.

This approach resulted in the creation of a repeatable, ecological and print-friendly filament, the advantage of which over the classic PETG is not only impressive temperature resistance up to 125°C (max. 200h) and low water absorption, but also greater tensile strength and stiffness. The Spectrum ecoPET 9021 filament can be used in prints requiring high stiffness as well as chemical and thermal resistance. Areas of application are functional prototypes and serial parts in many industries, such as mechanical, automotive and medical.

Advantages of ecoPET 9021:

- thermal resistance up to 125°C (max. 200h)
- tensile strength increased by 20% compared to classic PET-G
- stiffness increased by 50% compared to the classic PET-G
- good chemical resistance
- high quality of the surface after printing
- good impact strength
- perfect bonding of layers

Application of ecoPET 9021:

- functional prototypes
- production tooling
- production of parts based on the zero-waste principle
- manufacture of parts exposed to chemical agents



Product Specifications

Material: ecoPET

Color: Black

Diameter: 1.75 mm.

Dimensional tolerance: +/- 0.03 mm.

Net weight: 0,5kg

Spool size: avg. outside 20 cm, dia. Internal. 5.2 cm, width 5.5 cm.

Temp. print:  240°C - 270°C

Table temperature: >50 °C

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