• Spectrum Filaments PLA Carbon 1,75mm 0,5kg Black

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Spectrum filaments is a Polish brand producing filament for 3D printers. The offer includes PLA materials, ABS - in two diameters, PETG or specialty felts such as Carbon or glow-in-the-dark. Spectrum Filament will allow you to transfer all your projects into the real world in high quality. Thanks to a wide range of colors everyone should find something suitable for themselves.


Spectrum Carbon PLA Filament is a modified PLA filament doped with 10% carbon fiber providing a significant increase in stiffness, hardness and tensile strength while maintaining low shrinkage and very good adhesion to working platforms characteristic for pure PLA. The addition of carbon fiber allows for matte surfaces of the printed parts, which significantly increases the aesthetic value of the printed parts.

Tip: Due to the high content of shredded carbon fiber it is recommended to use nozzles with diameter larger than 0.4mm. In addition, the presence of carbon fiber can cause brass nozzles to wear out, so stainless steel nozzles are recommended for long-term use of Spectrum Carbon PLA.

Key Features:

    Increased hardness and stiffness compared to pure PLA,
    Increased temperature of plasticisation
    Increased resistance to abrasive wear of printed parts
    Significantly improved compression resistance
    Excellent layer lamination
    Matte print surface
    No shrinkage

The unique properties of Carbon PLA material allow it to be used in the manufacture of components that require high stiffness and hardness while maintaining dimensional accuracy. The most common application is the production of spacers exposed to static compressive loads. In addition, the increased aesthetic value of the produced elements allows the use of this material for the manufacture of decorative parts and external structural elements exposing the design of the product or its prototype.


Filament is wound on a transparent, designer spool. On the spool there is information about the type of material, diameter and recommended printing temperature. Each spool is vacuum packed with moisture absorber. All in original Spectrum Filaments box.

VERIFY YOUR SPOOL - the most precise quality control system on the market

Filament for 3D printers is produced by free extrusion method. This is one of the most difficult extrusion processing techniques, due to the particularly large impact of process parameters on product dimensions and material homogenization.

During the production of Spectrum Filaments every 1mm of material is measured continuously in 2 axes with an accuracy of ±0.8µm, which allows to obtain a high quality final product. To prove this, Spectrum Filaments has introduced as one of the few manufacturers in the world the ability to present online individual parameters for each spool produced:

    diameter graph over the entire length of the filament,
    average diameter of the entire spool,
    standard deviation.


Product specification

Material: PLA Carbon

Color: Black

Diameter: 1.75 mm.

Dimension tolerance: +/- 0.05 mm.

Net weight: 0,5 kg

Printing Temperature: 190-220 deg C

Table temperature: 0-45 deg C

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