• Spectrum Filaments PA6 CF15 1,75mm 0,75kg Black

The Symbol : PA6_CF15_BLACK
Średnica filamentu 1.75
Waga filamentu 750
Colour black
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Spectrum Filaments is a Polish brand that produces filament for 3D printers. The offer includes materials PLA, ABS - in two diameters, PETG or special filaments such as Carbon or glow in the dark. The Spectrum filament will allow you to transfer all your projects into the real world in high quality. Thanks to the wide range of colors, everyone should find something suitable for themselves.




Spectrum PA6 CF15 filament

High-temperature construction material

The Spectrum PA6 CF15 filament is a black, high-temperature construction material based on polyamide 6. Filled with 15% carbon fiber, the mechanical strength of the polyamide, which is the base of the material, increases many times over. A characteristic feature of this material is that the moisture absorption is reduced by half compared to pure PA6, and the water absorption time is four times shorter than that of pure PA6. During printing, a heated chamber is not required and there are no deformations (shrinkage). The material is compatible with HIPS and PVOH support materials.

In addition, the Spectrum PA6 CF15 filament is characterized by a very low linear shrinkage (does not exceed 0.1%) and a very high deformation temperature (HDT 240°C) and a low coefficient of thermal expansion (0.4 10-5/K).
Elements manufactured using Spectrum PA6 CF15 allow for operation at elevated temperatures reaching up to 150°C long-term (20,000h) and up to 180°C short-term (max. 200h).

Very attractive from a technical point of view, the properties of the Spectrum PA6 CF15 filament can be achieved if the basic rules for storing this type of material are observed (in a dry and dark place with humidity below 15%). In order to obtain the best parameters of the printed object, it is recommended to dry the material before starting work.
Tip: Due to the high content of carbon fiber, it is recommended to use nozzles with a diameter larger than the standard 0.4mm. In addition, the presence of carbon fiber can cause degradation of standard brass nozzles, therefore, for long-term use of Spectrum PA6 CF15, it is recommended to use hardened steel or ruby ​​nozzles.

Key features:

- unusually low processing shrinkage (linear) 0.1%
- high temperature resistance up to 180°C for short-term operation (max. 200h)
- high temperature resistance up to 150°C for long-term operation (20,000h)
- heat distortion temperature - HDT A 200°C (ISO 75)
- water absorption below 0.3% (23°C/24h)
- high abrasion resistance
- high mechanical strength
- very strong lamination of layers
- high creep resistance
- high hardness and stiffness of the manufactured elements


- functional prototyping
- printing elements working in real conditions
- production tooling
- production of parts for final use
- production of toothed wheels and racks, scrapers and guiding rollers operating at elevated temperatures up to 150°C long-term and up to 180°C short-term
- all kinds of sealing rings and plates with increased chemical and corrosion resistance


Each spool vacuum packed with desiccant. Paper manual inside. All in an original Spectrum Filaments foil-wrapped cardboard box





Product Specifications

Material: PA6 CF15

Color: Black

Diameter: 1.75 mm.

Dimensional tolerance: +/- 0.03 mm.

Net weight: 0,75kg

Spool size: avg. outside 20 cm, dia. Internal. 5.2 cm, width 5.5 cm.

Temp. print:  260°C - 290°C

Table temperature: <80 °C


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