• ROSA3D Filaments PLA 1,75mm 1kg MIX

The Symbol : PWB-3D-F0227
Średnica filamentu 1.75
Waga filamentu 1000
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The PLA Starter filament is characterized by low shrinkage, excellent layer adhesion, very good detail reproduction and no unpleasant smell. 
The filament is made of biodegradable biopolymer. Material made of ingredients approved for contact with food. In the case of products that come into contact
with food, the certification obligation rests with the manufacturer of the final product. The offered product is a transition spool resulting from a color change on the
production line. The material on the spool may be in more than one color, or in a color that is not offered in standard sales,


PLA filament properties:

- Diameter: 1.75mm

- Weight: 1kg

- Printing temperature: 185-225°C

- Table temperature: 40-60°C

- Color: transitional - RANDOM

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