• ROSA 3D Filaments Refill PLA Multicolour Silk 1,75mm 1kg Frozen

The Symbol : PWB-3D-F0
Średnica filamentu 1.75
Waga filamentu 1000
Colour niebieski, white
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Filament PLA Multicolour Silk character with a short shrink and no unpleasant odor. Printouts can be in a layer and with a very good quality representation. The filament is shiny already on the spool - gloss is not possible to print, cooperation with free freedom in choosing the pace.

The coasters contain a multi-colored line in shades of arctic blue lightened with ice and frost.

One spool with a net weight of 1kg can contain over 8 full color cycles. One color cycle up to only 120g. Depending on the parameters selected (the size of the printout in a given printer), you can include in your model a color pattern as many as you want.

ATTENTION! and the order in which the colors pass is the same for a given production batch. Therefore, a single spool may run from any point in the process, eg. One spool may run from a blue color and another from that color. They are in shades.

Let's take care of the environment together!
ROSA 3D Filaments has a consistent packaging policy – it uses natural, non-foiled recycled cardboard, chooses a material with a very low carbon footprint for its spools, and now it's the turn to eliminate spools.

You have a choice! You can buy filament on an eco-friendly spool or completely without a spool. Taking care of the comfort and the highest standard of products, we managed to place the filament on a cardboard core produced using only certified, bio-friendly ecological adhesives. Placing the filament on the core makes it easier to use. The shape of the winding is stable and gives a guarantee of satisfaction.



Properties of the Refill PLA Multicolour Silk filament::

- Diameter: 1,75 mm

- Weight: 800 g

- Printing temperature: 195°C - 225°C

- Table temperature: 40°C - 60°C

- Color: Frozen

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