• ROSA 3D Filaments 3D PEN PACK PLA Starter Special 12 basic colours x 10m

The Symbol : PWB-3D-F
Średnica filamentu 1.75
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Pla Starter filament is characterized by low shrinkage, great layer adhesion, very good detail reproduction and no unpleasant smell. The filament is produced from a biodegradable biopolymer. Material made from ingredients approved for contact with food. In the case of products which come into contact with food, the obligation to certify lies with the creator of the final product.

The set includes 12 repeatable primary colors from the ROSA3D filament offer. Guarantee of color repeatability. Random colors are not shipped.

The composition always includes the following colors:

 – PLA Starter 1,75mm Winter White

– PLA Starter 1,75mm Glitter Gray

– PLA Starter 1,75mm Neon Green

– PLA Starter 1,75mm Rubin Red

 – PLA Starter 1,75mm Neon Yellow

– PLA Starter 1,75mm Neon Orange

– PLA Starter 1,75mm Pink

– PLA Starter 1,75mm Violet

– PLA Starter 1,75mm Gold

- PLA Starter 1,75mm Silver

– PLA Starter 1,75mm Dark Blue

– PLA Starter 1,75mm Dark Brown



A set of filaments compatible with most of the available 3D pens on the market:

- Polaroid Fast 3D PEN

- Polaroid Play 3D PEN

- Polaroid ROOT Play 3D Pen

- 3D pen from Lidl

- Sunlu SL-300 \ 300A

- Myriwell 3D Drawing PEN



- Others operating at 180-220°C


Pla Starter properties:

- Diameter: 1.75 mm

- Weight: 360g

- Print temperature: 185-225°C

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