• Print-Me Gleaming Glowing in the Dark Rhe 450g

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SmartFit PLA - Gleamig PINK

Product parameters:

  • PLA material
  • Filament diameter [mm] 1.75
  • Filament Weight [g] 450
  • Diameter tolerance [mm] +/- 0.05
  • Roundness tolerance [%] 5
  • Heating table Not required
  • Temperature. 3D printing [oC] 190-230
  • Manufacturer PRINT-ME



The PLA SmartFit 3D printing filament has been developed to meet the expectations of the most demanding FDM users. We have made every effort to ensure that the filament we produce is characterized by repeatability of prints and excellent quality. Only original, certified raw materials are used to produce the filament.

PLA SmartFit is designed to produce detailed, precise prints. Its great advantage is a very small so-called contraction (percentage reduction of the print size from the freezing point to the ambient temperature. In practice, this is the difference between model dimensions and print dimensions.) Due to the low tendency to deformation, printing without a heated work table is possible. You do not need to use a closed printer's work chamber when printing. The versatility of our filaments allows them to be used in virtually any 3D printer that uses FDM technology. Filament produced in POLAND.


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