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Filament from the Gorzów company PRINT-ME, made in Poland. Print-me is one of the younger producers on the market, but from the very beginning the company aspired high, showing a wide range of materials.

Swift PET-G Transparent Blackhas been specially modified with glycol to improve a number of properties. First of all, the addition of glycol is intended to improve mechanical properties and impact strength. Secondly, the thin-walled elements printed from our PET-G exhibit considerable elasticity. In addition, a significant effect of improving the flexibility of the material and thus reducing the brittleness characteristic of PET can be observed. Thirdly, it is important to limit the crystallization of the material, thanks to which your prints have increased transparency compared to ordinary PET material. (Note: this only applies to filaments marked as transparent - not opaque.) In addition, its chemical and heat resistance increases.

It is certainly important that Swift PET-G Transparent Blackcan be machined. In addition, its advantage is that we can bend it cold and hot without losing color (it is different, for example, in the case of ABS). For gluing PET-G elements, we can use cyanoacrylate-based adhesives, such as SuperGlue or Kropelka, additionally 2-component acrylic or polyurethane adhesives.

It has a very low shrinkage, making it suitable for large-size prints. With appropriately selected printing parameters, the layers applied on top of each other perfectly bond with each other, guaranteeing fantastic printouts, which in turn means your satisfaction. Swift PET-G Foggy White is highly chemically resistant to acids, alkalis and water. Due to the fact that only carbon dioxide and water are produced in the combustion process, the material is considered environmentally friendly. There is no unpleasant smell during printing, which is why printing with Swift PET-G is so pleasant! In addition, a properly selected temperature profile allows printing without the so-called threading, which is a huge advantage in the case of PET-G.




Filament diameter: 1.75 mm

Diameter tolerance: +/- 0.05 mm

Roundness tolerance: 5%

Table temperature: 60°C - 80°C

Nozzle temperature: 220°C - 270°C

Colour: Black Transparent

Weight: 1kg
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