• Matte PETG Fiberlogy 1,75mm 850g Graphite

The Symbol : MATTE_PETG_Graphite

Filament PETG, świetny materiał w dobrej cenie.

Średnica filamentu 1.75
Waga filamentu 850
Colour grey
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Matte PET-G filament features a unique matte finish. As a result, it effectively masks the layers, enhancing the aesthetics of the final product.Compared to matte PLA filaments, Matte PET-G features higher strength. Consequently, it allows you to create strong and durable prints with an elegant appearance. It is ideal for projects where aesthetics are equally important,
as well as the strength of the filament.

Matte PET-G is easy to handle. It requires higher printing temperatures in the 260-280°C range especially for high-speed printing, such as on BambuLab printers. These parameters are crucial to ensure optimal strength and excellent film bonding. For best results, we recommend increasing the number of outlines and fills in the slicer settings.


- decoration: interior design elements, figurines, ornaments, flacons

- hobby: costume elements, cosplay accessories

- utility: toys, desk organizers, containers

- gadgets: phone stands, jewelry displays

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Product Specification:

Material: Matte PETG 

Net weight: 0.85 kg

Printing Temperature: 260°C-280°C

Table temperature: recommended 90°C

Diameter: 1,75 mm

Diameter tolerance: +/- 0.02 mm

Oval tolerance: +0.01 mm

Color: Graphite

Note: Due to the strong adhesion to the substrate, it is not recommended to print directly on the surface of the table or glass, as this can lead to damage. We recommend using masking tape.


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