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Dimafix is an innovative Spanish product. It is designed for printers with a heated work table. Dimafix allows you to achieve very good adhesion between the print and the substrate (e.g. glass), and makes it easier to peel off the print from the table.

This adhesive works with materials such as ABS, PVA, HIPS, PLA, or TPE. The adhesion of the substrate is activated above 50 ° C. When the table temperature falls below 50ºC, the glue loses its properties and models can easily be disconnected from the substrate. The adhesive itself is very easily removed from the substrate. It is enough to wash them with cold water. Pack 400ml, enough for up to 100 prints!




Dimafix has four temperature zones in which it is activated:

  • zone IV (temperature 95 – 120ºC) – Maximum adhesion of components, different sizes and different shapes. You can print multiple items at one time. Long-term printing capability.
  • zone III – temperature 75 – 95ºC – zone of high print adhesion, of any shape and size up to 20 cm x 20 cm; good print quality without over-winding even when cooling is on
  • Zone II (temperature 65 – 75ºC) – at this temperature the printouts have an average sticking power, so it is suggested to use for printouts without sharp edges and vertices.
  • zone I (temperature below 65ºC) – prints at this temperature are easy to peel off. After cooling the table, the printout should be easily peeled off.
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