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Moving objects into a computing environment has never been easier! EINSTAR, an affordable handheld 3D scanner, makes high-quality 3D data accessible to everyone. Einstar can easily capture stable and clear details at a fast pace with high-quality output. Start 3D scanning with Einstar today.
Key features:
- Easy configuration and easy use both indoors and outdoors,
- High quality data with a point distance of up to 0.1 mm,
- High color fidelity with built-in RGB color camera.


EINSTAR, an affordable handheld 3D scanner, makes high-quality 3D data accessible to everyone. The standard package includes a handheld 3D scanner with Exstar software and a lightweight carrying case that includes a number of accessories: silicone case, preliminary instruction manual, positioning markers, lens wiping cloth, carrying strap, power adapter and USB cable.

The Einstar 3D scanner can provide high-quality scans with high color fidelity and detail. The scanner quickly and easily collects data from a high-density point cloud with a point distance of up to 0.1 mm. With a built-in RGB color camera, 3D data is made up of authentic colors. What's more, built-in granular technology optimizes the point cloud for complete data.

Scanning with Einstar is both easier and more precise. With its intelligent algorithm, auto-alignment, and intelligent tracking, Einstar can offer smooth and fast scanning at up to 14 frames per second. What's more, the scanner is equipped with 3 VCSEL infrared projectors, 2 stereoscopic depth cameras and 1 RGB camera to ensure stable outdoor scanning. Scanning selfies is more convenient thanks to Einstar's "hair mode", which provides enough hair data and improves data completeness. The lack of projector light during the scanning process also ensures safe and convenient eye scanning.


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