• COROPad Podkładka do druku 3D 235x235 mm

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COROPad is a special washer that facilitates material adhesion in 3D printers in FFF and FDM technology. The pad is the ideal printable surface. It works with most of the materials available on the market. Ensures that the first layer is correctly glued, which makes the prints perfectly stick to the surface. It works very well with basic materials such as ABS or PLA. It also works with more advanced materials. High temperature adhesive, and washer stiffness, allow quick and easy installation of the washer on the table. Wash and de-de-fry the work table and then glue the washer. The whole thing takes tens of seconds.

Product specification:

COROPad washer for printing

Size: 235x235 mm

Color: Black




Washers available in 10 sizes:

100x100, 140x140, 165x165, 202x202, 165x255, 165x285, 202x255, 255x255, 300x300, 400x400 [mm]

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