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Do you run an online or desktop store? Or maybe you consume large amounts of filament? From today it's not a problem. We can provide you with any product on our site at a preferential price.

We cooperate with universities, schools, factories as well as hospitals.

What to do?

1) Create an account in our store.

2) write a mail in which you describe who you are and what you do. Describe what products you need and how many you consume them.

3) wait for the mail with the terms of cooperation and the information about the assignment to the rebate group.

4) Place your order and expect your products.


Why should we trust us?

We are well-known and popular in the Polish business. We realize several hundred orders per month. We are an online shop and

We are happy to meet our business and retail clients.



Najwyższa jakość

Nasz sklep jest kierowany do osób i firm, zainteresowanych technologią 3D! W naszym sklepie, wszystkie materiały i urządzenia są nowe. Staramy się tak dobierać produkty, by oferować tylko te, które wyróżniają się naprawdę wysoką jakością!


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