• ROSA3D Filaments BioCreate 1,75mm 500g

The Symbol : PWB-3D-F0088
Średnica filamentu 1.75
Waga filamentu 500
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Filament BioCreate has a high temperature resistance (softening temperature according to Vicat: 114 °C), which significantly exceeds PLA. Depending on the model being printed, it can be printed in an open chamber (as opposed to ABS), however, for models with a larger height or a larger base area, it is recommended to print in a closed chamber for greater consistency of subsequent print layers.

BioCreate filament is made of a biopolymer consisting of 100% natural raw materials. They decompose in the natural environment under anaerobic conditions (compost) for up to 12 weeks. BioCreate has a wide range of applications: from machine parts, through decorative elements, dishes, to use in the creation of toys and furniture.

BioCreate prints can be subjected to mechanical processing (grinding, turning, drilling, etc.) and painting.

The material from which the BioCreate filament is made has a food contact approval. However, in the case of devices in contact with food, the certification obligation rests with the manufacturer of the final product.

Remark! The material slightly increases the volume during the outflow from the nozzle, it is possible that in order to obtain the best side surface of the print, you will have to reduce the flow/outflow settings by several percent.


Propertiesof BioCreate:

- Diameter: 1.75 mm

- Diameter tolerance: +/- 0.05 mm

- Ovality tolerance: +/- 0.02 mm

- Weight: 500g

- Printing temperature: 210-240°C

- Table temperature: 60-80°C

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