• Filament Fiberlogy HD PLA 0,85kg 1,75mm Beige

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HD PL material uses the latest achievements of materials engineering Thanks to the use of innovative PLA modification, a modern filament was obtained, incomparable to previously known materials. It is an easy to print material.  An additional or rather its main advantage can be known after heating the material. This process should be carried out in the oven. Ready printout, put in the oven, or technical stove, placing it on a flat surface, in a cold chamber of the oven. Oven preheated to 80 ° C. After 10-15 minutes, the printout should be exposed from the oven, without touching, and left to cool. The heating carried out in this way causes a change in the properties of PLA, giving it mechanical properties, similar to ABS, while increasing the temperature stability to 140 ° C. Without the irritating smell, and all the troubles associated with ABS printing, we can enjoy a durable print.

Example application:

- toys or parts thereof: characters, animals, structures, houses, vehicles, dice

- gadgets or parts thereof: key rings, stands, phone cases

- prototypes: tools, conceptual models

- jewelry parts: earrings, bracelets, corals, necklaces

- spare parts: elements of machines, devices, vehicles, electronic equipment

- tools: complex elements requiring strength

- home use: bowls, trays, boxes


Product Specification:

Material: HD PLA

Net weight: 0.85 kg 

Printing temperature: 200°C-230°C

Table temperature: 50°C-70°C

Diameter: 1.75 mm

Diameter tolerance:  +/- 0.02 mm 

Oval tolerance:  +0.01 mm 

Colour: Beige


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